In 1840 or somewhere in that era, Faridsaheb’s family (who’s sir-name at that time was ‘Shikalgar’; means man who makes iron weapons like sword etc.) lives in Vijapur/Bijapur kingdom and making weapons for Bijapur king Adilshah. Miraj is also ruled by the same king. But British Empire banned to make such weapons for king. That time in Miraj, here one holy tomb (Dargah) was building and for making the building’s metal top, king sent Faridsaheb’s family to Miraj. They made it but settled here for lifetime.

Miraj territory sub-ruled by ‘Patwardhan Sarkar’ who was very much lover of Indian classical music. So music players, vocal players were coming here across the India and performs infront of Patwardhan sarkar. But here no man, no shop or no repair process is available for such instruments. For sake of another business OR for music love, don’t know, Faridsaheb started to learning of repair of such string instruments which was at that time in primary stage, with the help of his brother. Thus he learned & developed the skills of repair as well as building these instruments with experiments and hardwork. And all this started from there and his son, then his son like all generation is making string instruments. In the meantime society changed their sir-name from ‘Shikalgar to Sitarmaker’.

Photos :
1)      Farid saheb Sitarmaker – who started all this business, he is forefather and founder of Sitarmakers.
    Farid saheb Sitarmaker
2)      Pir saheb  – Son of Farid saheb.
Pir saheb
3)      Husiansaheb – Son of Pir sahib. He had two wifes; from first wife he had Faridsaheb (second); who is grandfather of Altab. From second wife, he had another generation and in this generation all the other Sitarmaker families belongs to. Husain sahib & his second wife’s son is grandfather of Naeem.
4)      Farid saheb (second) – Son of husian sahib & his first wife. He is Altab’s grandfather.
Faridsaheb Husainsaheb Sitarmaker
5)      Mehabub – Son of Farid saheb; Father of Altab.
Mahebub Faridsaheb Sitarmaker
6)      Altab & Son.