This is the home page of Altab Sitarmaker,

maker of fine Indian musical instruments

Altab Mehboob Sitarmaker is the present generation of founder member (forefather) Faridsaheb Shikalgar, the first sitar maker of Miraj, who made Sitars in approx. 1850.  Altab’s shop name is Saraswati Tantuvadya Kendra.  Altab can build most rare types of Rudraveena, traditional as well as Dagar style.  He has sold his Sitars and Beens to Pandit Hindraj Divekar, Joyti Hegde, Phandrinath Kolhapure etc.  Because he is directly linked with Faridsaheb, the art of making quality beens flows generation by generation through their child only.

In addition to being a master Rudraveena maker, Altab also builds sitars, tanpuras, sarangis, Mohanveenas (Indian guitars), sursingers and unique custom instruments.

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